Saturday, October 25, 2014

Apologia Bar Sinister...

Don't let her good looks fool you: She is a Bytch in real life!!!
Please, I feel that sometimes I am lucky just to get back into this blog to post(!!!). Ever since "Google" has decided that there should be one universal login to get to, for example, Blogger, it has been nothing but a nightmare for those that have started out with non-Google email address anchors, such as myself. All was good before, not so much now. Had I known this in the beginning, I would have chosen a different platform (Take that Marky Z!!), but I'm locked in now and trying to make the best of it. Let's hope we all survive these cyber tyranny moves, not very much unlike the anti-liberty moves by famed Tech Moguls to fund those seeking to crush the 2nd Amendment liberty resisters. I often think some anonymous hacker/cracker is smiling and leaving me a backdoor to let me log on and post, but not without hours of frustrating work to do so (such as similar evidence from one of my posted links here, "the gunwire", who also seems to not be posting new info as of late). Let us "prey" that the enemies do not find a gambit to silence myself and my brethren, because if that day comes, the ballot box becomes obsolete and only that other 2nd Amendment  box will be the only alternative left (cartridge), and that is NOT a desired outcome, except for the enemies of liberty who seek unhindered tyranny...(S9)

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