Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Russian weapons found in Osama’s compound

The inquiry commission investigating the US raid on the residence of Osama Bin Laden in Abbottabad has learnt that Russian-made weapons were found in the compound. Informed sources told...that the weapons were found in a cupboard of Osama....The report raises several questions. Why the guards of Bin Laden did not retaliate when the US troops attacked them and why only one casing of a bullet was found in the compound...Some residents of the Bilal Town, where the house was located, said they had heard sounds of heavy firing and even bombing during the late-night operation. Some of them said they even entered the house of Bin Laden when the US forces had left, but there was no body inside...
Full report at Gulf Today
OK, so why is this anything unusual?. We all know the Terrs prefer the low-maintenance Russian stuff. We also know our Spec-Op guys police up any brass left strewn about. Osama was constantly and proudly showing off his shorty "Krinkov" Kalashnikov on film (which he allegedly tried to grab before getting double-tapped by UDT/Squid trigger-pullers), which is ironical: Osama worshiped a firearm designed by the very people he despised and actively made war against (USSR/Russia), only to fall to U.S. made 5.56mm (or 6.5 SPC) copper jacketed lead from the other people he had actively made war against. Too bad, so sad, talked a lot of s**t & got bit by the "Don't Tread On Me" Gadsen, courtesy of the US Military (NOT the so-called "Commander in Chief", who never wore a uniform and carried weapons in defense of the nation). Oh, and if you really believe he was buried at sea, I have a bridge in NYC I can sell to'....(S9)

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