Thursday, April 5, 2012

Captured AK-47 Semi-Auto linked to "Fast & Furious"(Video)

According to the police report, the driver, Angel Hernandez-Diaz, also had an AK-47 semi-automatic assault rifle in his possession during the vehicle chase.
The AK-47, according to the ATF, is linked to the Fast and Furious case...
“I pulled up, exited my vehicle, (and) yelled, ‘Police! Stop!” he said, explaining how he followed Hernandez-Diaz around a corner...

“With his gun in the right hand…and he was pointing it right at me,” Ruiz said. “I fired one round off…and I figured he had me.”
Ruiz’s bullet did not strike Hernandez-Diaz, but the suspect was taken into custody and convicted of possessing two guns that were found inside the stolen truck, stealing the truck, and running from officers. The gun Hernandez-Diaz was accused of pointing at Ruiz was never found. However police found two weapons inside the stolen truck: the AK-47 and a Beretta pistol.
Full Story at ABC 15 Arizona
This is a half-assed report leaning more toward dramatics than facts (for example, the "AK-47" described appears to my eye as a Chinese Type 56 underfolder variant, with a modified pistol grip.), but the information is still relevant - (S9)

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