Friday, April 6, 2012

Illinois Tyranny: Semi-Auto Ban Fight continues

The county ordinance specifically outlaws the sale or possession of “any assault weapon or large capacity magazine.” It describes several traits of prohibited weapons — such as a protruding grip or a shroud attached to the barrel — and specifies several types of guns that are in violation of the ordinance.
“It bans the most popular hunting rifles … that there are in the country,” Richard Pearson, executive director of the Illinois State Rifle Association, told the Chicago Sun-Times Wednesday.
The ban extends to the AR-15, a weapon Pearson called the most popular hunting rifle in the United States, as well as guns used for duck hunting and shooting clay pigeons. “And there’s no reason to do it. There’s no justification for it at all,” he said.
Additionally, the plaintiffs in the case argued that the scope of the ban is too large, and could cause issues if new technology makes previously legal firearms capable of accepting large capacity magazines.
A group of state lawmakers, including suburban representatives Kent Gaffney (R-Lake Barrington) and Linda Chapa LaVia (D-Aurora), also filed a brief with the court, claiming that a ban on entire categories of firearms is unconstitutional... 
Full biased report at  Chicago Sun Times
The not-so great state of Illinois, once a free state, now merely a last bastion of unreasonable tyranny against citizens self-defense and firearms ownership - with an incredible and embarrassingly high body count of innocent victims of criminal misuse of firearms - argue stupid lawyer tricks while the Cops are prevented from protecting the people and the people prevented from defending themselves, let the cadavers pile up while nitpicking such irrelevant items as the type of grips on a firearm. It is an appalling shame, that future generations will look back on and say "WTF were these fools thinking?". Human life is always more important than "legislation", unless you are in states like this who care nothing for public safety but only oppression and selfish political advantage while blood runs in the streets...(S9)

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