Thursday, April 19, 2012

AR-15's, Shotguns, added by St.Louis P.D., Patrol carbines dropped

While the city Police Department considers reducing its force, it is arranging greater firepower for those who remain — adding shotguns to patrol cars and higher-powered rifles for supervisors...The department abandoned shotguns years ago in favor of short-barreled rifles that use the same 9 mm pistol ammunition as its semi-automatic handguns. "After testing and training, we found the 9 mm configuration to be inadequate...New .223-caliber rifles will be issued to supervisors to provide greater long-distance shooting capability that also can penetrate body armor, officials said...the department has been re-evaluating weapons since the 2010 ABB Inc. shooting, in which tense officers methodically searched a factory for a heavily armed disgruntled employee who fired more than 100 shots in killing three co-workers and himself...The county force has about 400 shotguns in use. About 100 sergeants and 158 officers have department-issued AR-15 rifles, and 29 officers carry their own rifles... The new rifles' .223 -caliber ammunition is designed to disintegrate upon impact and not exit the target, making it less likely to wound bystanders, said Officer Scott Valentine, the city police armorer...
Full story is at St. Louis Today
Adding more guns  will not compensate for cutting back the number of Cops on the street.(Unless you make them "Street Judges" as in the original fictional "Judge Dredd" and we know that is not going to happen in real life). This stupidity has been plaguing law-enforcement nationwide, and it is not the cops, but evil bumbling fool politicians, making these anti-public safety decisions, invariably the same clowns who seek to prevent lawful gun owners from self-defense and want to disarm them also...(S9)

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