Monday, April 9, 2012

Bond Girl Works AR-15 (Video)

British actress Naomie Harris trains stunt-work with CAR-15/M-4 and Walther PPK for upcoming James Bond 007 Film

Of course, this is all movie magic, making actors look like they know what they are doing when handling firearms. Experts will notice the lack of recoil with blank-adapted firearms, as seen here. The editors bench cuts out all the flinching, and 99% of these people have never fired real ammunition in their lives. It is always amusing these female actresses repeatedly claiming to be "equals" with 007. How many of these actresses could pass an SAS/SBS/RMC "Q" course in real life?. As the old joke from the Napoleonic era went: "Pretty to look at, but can they fight?"... (P.S.: Daniel Craig is no James Bond, just a substitute we have to tolerate) - (S9)

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