Sunday, May 27, 2012

India: Police want modern rifles, struggle to get rid of classic .303 bolt actions, blocked by anti-gun bureaucracy

-SMLE .Mk1, .303 (Circa 1903)-
According to sources in the city police commissionerate, a third of the 45,000-plus Mumbai police have been using .303 rifles for several years, but these are now outdated. Several sophisticated and automatic weapons have been introduced in the police modernisation plan following the 26/11 terrorist attack in the city...“The .303 rifles are lying unused in the police armoury. The reason is that not only is the weapon outdated and not manufactured any more, but also that we have got several other sophisticated weapons as compared to these rifles. Also, the cartridges of these rifles are not being manufactured, making these weapons useless,” said a senior police officer, requesting anonymity....
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Despite the hundreds of innocent lives lost in the 26/11 Terrorist attacks, where the enemy carried AK-47 variants, the British influenced anti-gun elements in power still mistrust their own Police being properly armed to protect the public, much less trust the people being armed for self-defense. There is no excuse for this, since the Indian Army is upgrading their INAS Rifles and these leftovers could go to the Police. Another short-term solution it to gather stocks of  British .9mm Sterling Sun-Machine guns, cheap and effective (9mm ammunition is readily available). The .303's could be sold off on the collectors market and make money rather than go to rust, as the Korean Govt. is trying to do with U.S. surplus Rifles, Carbines & Pistols. No one is thinking out of the box, hamstrung by anti-gun bias. The public remain unarmed victims, sheep for the slaughter by criminals and terrorists. The Political Fat-Cats obviously don't care about innocent lives. We see this same mentality worldwide, including the USA (See stories posted here about California, for example)...(S9)

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