Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Video: Semi-Auto owners again under attack by Anti Gun Nut T.V. Media Meddlers & Politicians in California

Anti Gun Nut T.V. Media Meddlers spark further oppression of Semi-Auto owners in California. As usual, by half-truths, misrepresentation, and outright lies perpetrated upon the public airways by local CBS affiliate in San Francisco (Channel 5). These "Yellow Journalists" portray perfectly California legal semi-autos as virtual "machine-guns", never mentioning the fact that California magazine capacity is set at no more than ten (10) rounds, no matter what they may look like, and imply that the already crippled magazine release button(s) are somehow just as "fast" to reload with the "bullet button" as the standard release, a factual unreality and blatant lie to boot (Think 3 magazine changes to equal one standard capacity magazine legal in most other states) . The pro-gun side is edited to look like "extremists", the standard technique. Crusading do-gooding fools and grandstanding political fat-cats of course seek to make a name by addressing a "problem" that "isn't". The old bait & switch "ugly gun" scare tactic is marched out again to mislead the gullible, firearms ignorant public.  See this phony "report" with it's attendant bias for yourself, and tell me tyranny does not exist, relentlessly, for the hard-pressed gun owner, in the "Golden State". If anything, "Fool's Gold" is the standard for California. Get ready for another fight for freedom, Californians, Here we go again...(S9)
The lies start HERE

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