Sunday, May 27, 2012

AK-47 Preferred over AR-15 pattern By Afgan Army, report claims

They say their M16s are dust-prone antiques...Yet they set out on patrol.They are the men of the Afghan National Army...At the rock-strewn firing range of the 203 Thunder Corps in Paktia province, Sgt. Said Aga recalled his M16 jamming in the middle of a fierce firefight with the Taliban, and grimaced as his young charges aired their gripes about the Vietnam-era firearm...A soldier named Abdul Karim said he'd prefer a 30-year-old Russian-made Kalashnikov to an M16. The Americans "are giving us old weapons and try to make them look new with polish and paint. We don't want their throwaways," he said...In Kabul, Lt. Col. Timothy M. Stauffer, U. S. Army Director, Public Affairs, rejected the complaints about aging weapons, saying the Afghans get basically the same firearms that U.S. soldiers have. "I am not sure their complaints are valid," he said. "The equipment they are asking for and are being issued is sufficient to meet the current threat."Most American troops in Afghanistan carry the M4, a shorter version of the M16. Both models have been criticized by some in the military for jamming in harsh conditions and requiring greater maintenance. The Kalashnikov is known as an easier-upkeep, all-conditions weapon, fueling its popularity in the developing world...A career officer, Saburi was less critical than others of the quality of weapons. He was satisfied with the heavy machine guns and sniper rifles being distributed to the army. But he said the rank and file were stuck with old M16s, instead of Kalashnikovs which he said are more suited to Afghan conditions...
Full (Biased) AP Report HERE
Same old story, different war. Without giving weight to either side of this shopworn argument that has been going on since the 1960's, let me just point out the obvious, that there is little complaint from the "Gans" when .30 Caliber (and .50 Cal) weapons are the issue (M2 HMG, 7.62x51mm NATO, 7.62x39mm Russian) vs. 5.56mm/.223 Caliber. I have my own view that all have their uses, pro & con. Make your own conclusions. Nuff' said'...(S9)

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