Saturday, May 12, 2012

S.A. "Top cop baffled" by "firearms duffers"

-S.A. Police w/Automatic Rifles -

Acting national police commissioner Lieutenant-General Nhlanhla Mkhwanazi, who has admitted to having no idea how tens of thousands of officers can have been assessed as either incompetent or not adequately trained in the use of firearms, has appealed to the public not to panic...
it was revealed that more than 27000 police officers were either not competent or not proficient in the use of state-issued firearms...34 of the 139 members of the Pretoria flying squad, and 90 members of the Hawks in Johannesburg, were disarmed. Slamming critics, Mkhwanazi, who admitted that the police faced a big challenge, said the service would be criticised if it armed incompetent officers - and if it did not."This is not easy. We're facing criminals who do not need competency certificates...
The Firearms Control Act states that policemen have to be competent in the handling of all use all three standard-issue weapons and, according to the act, be competent in all three weapons, they don't always use all three weapons on a daily basis."A member might only use a pistol on a daily basis that he is competent in, and not a rifle and a shotgun, which he is incompetent in. But because he is not competent in all three, he is declared incompetent"...To be declared fully competent, officers must successfully complete both courses...
Full report is HERE
When the Communists took over this country and hypocritically implemented "gun control' (the same people who used "illegal" guns to overthrow the government being the first to restrict firearms to the untrustworthy people, of course)...It is interesting, and telling, to see these tyrants twist and turn trying to work around the very "laws" they tout as solutions, that have only led to an out of control crime rate with a formerly professional police/military hamstrung into ineffectual fumbling by their decisions. The only factual result is that disarmed innocents are unnecessarily left to suffer and die based on political ideology rather than realistic solutions...(S9)


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