Monday, February 20, 2012

End of long-gun registry seen as victory in war on Big Government

Stephen Harper has begun the process of shuttering Canada’s long-gun registry, tabling a bill to scrap a database on firearms owners that for rank-and-file Conservatives stood as a powerful symbol of everything that’s wrong with big government.
Determined to drive a stake through the heart of the registry, which cost more than $2-billion to establish, the Tories are going so far as to destroy the data...
 The federal gun registry had amassed more than 6.6-million records on non-restricted firearms by March 31, 2009. These data will be destroyed, the Conservatives said, rather than leave the door open for a new registry. “We will not assist provinces to set up a back-door registry,” a government spokesman said....
Full report and additional video is HERE
The government already have ways to track firearms, this program was just more expensive & unwarranted harassment, traced to the global anti-gun fanatics program.
This victory is all the more significant, in that this country has no 2nd Amendment, and operates under an oppressive British style system of government which is inherently anti-firearms in the hands of the people. The British colonial experience (Africa, India, Ireland, America, etc) have taught them never to trust the people, who have tendencies to rebel against oppression...

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