Monday, February 20, 2012

House: Guns can't be taken during state of emergency

House lawmakers approved a bill to forbid the state from seizing Colorado residents' firearms during a declared state of emergency....her proposal is one that several states have implemented after Hurricane Katrina, when there was mass looting. The National Rifle Association says 31 states have legislation in place similar to what Colorado lawmakers are considering...
Full report HERE
How many remember the infamous video of the invited in for Katrina California Highway Patrol Officers attacking & beating down an elderly woman who owned a small revolver for protection? (CHP was later quietly asked to leave the state). Anti-gun nuts bank on on emergencies as a back-door method to seize legally owned semi-autos, so this type of legislation, which should not be an issue, is unfortunately necessary to make it clear to the gun grabbers that you can NOT lawfully do this...(S9)

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