Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"Committee" Calls for Ban on Semi-Automatics

A committee set up after the 2008 school shooting in Kauhajoki has recommended that Finland ban semi-automatic handguns. It also wants to tighten laws governing gun licenses...The group handed its report to Justice Minister Tuija Brax on Wednesday...Interior Minister Anne Holmlund said...that she wants to thoroughly review the committee report before taking a position a ban on semi-automatic handguns. She added that the government is ready to consider banning certain models of weapons, but studies on the issue have not yet been completed.
Holmlund also pointed out that the committee report contains a dissenting position on banning semi-automatics...
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Same old anti-gun formula, different location. Mad-Dog cowardly Killer rampages, Gun-Haters seize the opportunity to dance in the blood of the dead by blaming the tool instead of the criminal; create a false panic to the public (in this case, demonizing "evil semi-automatics") then "save" the same public by vainly attempting to ban a 100+ year old technology in a fit of misguided mass-punishment affecting thousands of sane peaceable individuals defacto blamed for the depredations of one isolated madman. A country that once stood off invasion due to the bravery of their tough, hardy Riflemen now seem to be embracing the ideas of spineless Do-gooding Fools, apparently without a shred of protest. Are there no heroes left there to fight back against tyrants as they did in the 1940's?..(S9)

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