Monday, April 19, 2010

Gun-rights rally in Washington

April 19 (UPI) -- Gun-rights activists gathered in Washington Monday for a "Second Amendment March" supporting the right to keep and bear arms, observers said. The protesters marched unarmed, since the carrying of firearms or ammunition is prohibited in the District of Columbia...Outside of the district, at a rally in Fort Hunt, Va., many demonstrators openly carried guns...Organizers of the Washington event called the Second Amendment "the one constitutional amendment that protects all others," hailing themselves as "defenders of freedom."..."If I didn't have my Second Amendment right, you wouldn't have your First Amendment rights," gun-toting Richmond resident Jim Hollar said....
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Today is also known as "Patriots Day", although the media won't remind you of that. The aptly named Jim Hollar summed it up, but fools can be hard of hearing. I love my people, as John Wayne put it in his poem "The Hyphen"; "Americans, one and all"!!! (S9)

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