Thursday, September 15, 2011

FBI tracing Panther AR-15 style rifles

The United States (US) Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is assisting local authorities in tracing five Panther rifles found at the TTPost headquarters at Piarco on Wednesday.
FBI agents who are based at the US Embassy in Port-of-Spain have teamed up with the local Customs and Excise Division (Preventive Branch) to trace who sent the guns to Trinidad and Tobago (TT) from the US and who is the person in Thailand who was supposed to pick up the packages there...local officers of the Customs and Excise Preventive Branch ex-rayed the packages sent from the US to TTPost in Piarco which were supposed to contain motorcycle parts. Officers found five disassembled Panther rifles among the motorcycle parts and this prompted an investigation... The Panther is one of the most popular types of rifle in use in the United States.
While many shooters think of the rifle as a fighting rifle only, an area in which the design excels, the platform also makes for a superb hunting rifle where you get on target quickly, see the impact of the shot through the scope, and move to another target without removing the cheek from the buttstock.
An accurate rifle, it is very easy to shoot. The design is user-friendly, and the recoil is straight-back for quick and easy target acquisition.
The design lends itself to the kind of hunting where a long range shot might be needed, while being very capable at repeat shots.
DPMS (Defense Procurement Manufacturing Services) Panther Arms, a company based in St Cloud, Minnesota, manufactures a wide range of military and civilian rifles....
Full story at: Trinidad-Tobago Newsday
Where firearms are banned, someone will always find a way to obtain them. You should not have to be branded a criminal for simple possession of firearms, but there are power-hungry evil men who fear armed citizens and sleep comfortable knowing the population are disarmed victims. They care nothing for your safety. They suck...(S9)

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