Saturday, October 27, 2012

Semi-Auto Gun Ban: What "O" Says He'll Do To Your Gun Rights (Miniter)

Rings many of the same bells I have said repeatedly on this blog. The most firearms-ignorant and willfully lying buffoons consistently seek to draft unlawful "laws" regarding firearms, particularly when concerning semi-automatic "scary looking" firearms. Buzzword those "Evil AK-47's" and  so-called "Assault Weapons" yet again, and stampede the "Sheeple", scuttling in fear due to this lying propaganda, straight into the voting booth to do their mindless subservience to the regime, like good little properly programmed Marxist lackeys, as the former "Community Organizer" (speaking of Marxist terms), dictates. Victims too stupid to see their own gullibility...(S9)

What President Obama Says He'll Do To Your Gun Rights

"in 2008, you stated you wanted to keep AK-47s out of the hands of criminals. What has your administration done or planned to do to limit the availability of assault weapons?”...most of the firearms deliberately sold to straw purchasers in Operation Fast and Furious, while ATF officials watched on closed-circuit TV via surveillance cameras in gun stores, were AK-47s. These guns mostly went to Mexican drug cartels. They have since been used to kill a lot of people in Mexico. One of the AK-47s was recovered at a murder scene in Arizona after a drug runner used it to gun down a U.S. Border Patrol agent. But rather than dig into the Obama’s administration’s cover-up of Operation Fast and Furious or its other anti-Second Amendment overtures, let’s just listen to President Obama and ponder what he says he would do to your gun rights...Obama said, “…weapons that were designed for soldiers in war theaters don’t belong on our streets.”  Yikes, let’s pause a moment...most firearms used by American civilians today are related to firearms that were, or are still being used, on battlefields. This includes the so-called “assault weapons” that President Clinton banned from 1994-2004. Today many American manufacturers produce what anti-gun groups call “assault rifles"...the president is in over his head here. He doesn’t understand American history or very much at all about the firearms 80 million Americans own...Let’s hear what else he had to say..."Part of it is seeing if we can get an assault weapons ban reintroduced.”...Obama seems to know that stopping law-abiding Americans from buying firearms that look a certain way isn’t going to stop criminals, but he wants to curb Second Amendment freedoms anyway...Obama attempts to explain his contradictions by saying...we need to get “automatic weapons” out of the hands of criminals. The thing is, unless someone has a Class 3 Federal Firearms License (these are very difficult to get), they can’t own automatic weapons. Semi-automatic firearms—every time you pull the trigger the gun goes bang once—are legal. So again, Obama doesn’t know what he’s talking about, which makes people wonder if he wants to ban all semi-automatic firearms...

Full incisive editorial, including the contradiction of racism & anti-gun laws, can be found on Forbes HERE

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