Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"Assault Weapons" 2009 (Report)-A Mandatory Read

"They reveal that goal in their legislation. These bills aren’t just about “AK-47s and Uzis” anymore. Legislation to require a federal license to possess any detachable-magazine, semi-automatic rifle or shotgun, or any handgun, has been introduced in Congress. Legislation to reimpose the federal “assault weapon” and “large capacity” magazine ban of 1994, or an even broader ban--both introduced in the last two congresses--is sure to follow. And legislation to ban all semi-automatic and pump-action firearms, starting with those that use detachable magazines, has been pro-posed in the past and may not be far behind...legislation to ban all semi-automatics and pump-actions, will become law may depend in part on whether the 1994 ban is reimposed, a position supported by President Obama...that will ultimately force gun control supporters to push for a ban on all detachable-magazine firearms: Any firearm that uses a detachable magazine can use one of any size...
Full story @:http://www.nraila.org/Issues/Articles/Read.aspx?id=352&issue=019

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