Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Toronto Cops Confiscate 400 Guns from law-abiding citizens(!)

Toronto police have seized 400 guns from law-abiding owners whose licences had expired or been revoked.

Project Safe City saw police seize unlicensed guns within Toronto. Owners were given the option to pay to renew their licences and pick them up again, or to forfeit the weapon. The 400 guns shown yesterday were forfeited. None of the owners were charged.

"This is a crime-prevention initiative," said Superintendent Greg Getty of Toronto's guns and gangs unit.

Story @:http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/police-seize-400-guns-in-safe-city-initiative/article1298101/
California confiscated SKS Carbines from citizens who had "registered" them...Now we again see "registration" lists being used to confiscate guns from non-criminal owners...This is an abomination! Abuse of the gun registration lists is major, plus cowardly cops won't go gun to gun with armed gang-bangers to take their guns, but go after peaceable citizens instead, in a move echoing the WW2 Nuremburg war-crimes trials, where the Nazis excuse was "Just following orders", what's the Toronto PD's excuse?...So...Who's next?...You, Victim?...(S9)

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