Friday, March 26, 2010

"No AK's for Cops": U.K. "Experts" tell Africans

‘Remove rifles from Police’ - Police experts from Ireland and the United Kingdom have advised Uganda Police Force to remove assault rifles from their officers in public and crowded areas, and replace them with side guns, especially in towns...“Use of AK47s in a town like Kampala isn’t appropriate. I have no doubt that they (Uganda Police) will move to reduce this,” Mr Leahy said at Police Headquarters in Kampala...police officers wielding AK47s on the streets paint a bad picture of the security situation in the country...Mr Smith, who operates in North Ireland, said in UK, officers in towns carry pistols and belts with tactical tools. In Uganda, pistols are a reserve of senior police officers and detectives...“We should carry assault rifles on streets of Kampala because of our situation. We had terrorists throwing bombs in 1998 that is why we have armed police at junctions,” Gen. Kayihura (Uganda Police) said...even in Britain, armed units are there in the streets but the only difference is that they aren’t often seen by the public because they hide themselves in cars with tinted windows...
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Again, these are full-auto selective fire machinegun capable AK's, not the Semiauto only versions western politicians are so fond of lying about. With the track record on firearms in UK & Ireland, I'd be more than skeptical of "advice" from these ex-colonial "police experts" were I from the UPF. They would be better off following the U.S. Model IMHO...(S9)

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