Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Fox: Semi-Auto Ban Propaganda By Hannity Hosts befoul the "conservative"airwaves

McGurk and T,Holder used the talking points of anti-gun nuts aggressively today, bait and switch on the AR-15 as a "machinegun", calling for a ban on normal capacity magazines, justifying going after lawful gun owners by blaming them for the actions of insane madmen misusing firearms; challenging listeners to call in and to "justify why you need" such firearms and/or magazines (direct talking point of the anti-gun nuts). Repeatedly using outlandish examples, such as comparing explosives/destructive devices with firearms ("You can't own a Bazooka, why do you need an AR-15 that can kill a lot of people"), and unfortunately I heard  NO knowledgeable firearms expert challenging them (I would have cleaned their clocks had I been on there and allowed to talk/reason. Not one caller I heard challenged them on the AR-15 as the perfect example of a "Militia Rifle", and is indeed what we Minutemen are supposed to have. I also know that the word "Militia" has been vilified by the usual suspects, like SPLC, who like blurring the line between machineguns and semi-autos, also blur the line between "militia" and racist elements) etc; all the while of course claiming to "support the 2nd Amendment" (a misdirection talking point in the same vein as not blaming veterans for the war - they learned that one after Vietnam). This, and worse, took place on the radio version of the SEAN HANNITY Show. The big money of Bloomberg and Soros are at work, getting the Hollywood types to do ads vilifying firearms, to do as Eric Holder once said "brainwash" the younger crowd against firearms (Shall we call this soap "As the Coat Turns"?). I had heard that the Fox Owner had made calls for banning semi-auto firearms, but have no attribution for it. Could very well be that this Hannity debacle are the first moves in propaganda/mind-control against semi-autos/mags from the Fox camp. The usual suspects and puppet-masters, using the usual useful idiots, and the dead bodies of the innocent victims, to usurp the constitution for their own misbegotten ends. When we are no longer able to have one "behind every blade of grass", slavery will return. This is the last bastion, friends, if we fall, there is no place else to go (paraphrasing Reagan here). If slavery returns, it will not be only for the Black Man, it will be for ALL of us, and the useful idiots cannot see the forest for the trees. With "Friends" like this, who needs enemies (foreign and domestic)"???...(S9)

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