Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The USA-U.N.'s Hitman for Obama's Anti-Gun Agenda...

Photo: We think you'll enjoy this "Anatomy of a so-called Assault Weapon" image we've put together below.  Like and Share!Courtesy NAOGR
Frank-en-Stien is set to take the lead, hit and flak for the O' in this semiauto ban scenario, diversionary tactics. This has been in the works for years before the Fast & Furious debacle, which was the original plan to go after semiautos again (read the timeline as to how many times she has set it up to "reintroduce" the ban, the yellow journalist media of course, redefines it every time she does this to the most recent blood dance that is applicable).  As one wag put it, Diane "Slimeswine" is more correct, since she defies all logic and perpetrates massive lies about simple rifles that are "ugly guns" and/or "cosmetically incorrect", knowing she can get traction by general public ignorance, and influenced by the "Hollywood/Miami Vice" propaganda exploitation, intentionally confusing real "machine-guns" with passe' semiautos... 

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