Monday, November 4, 2013

"Gun Radio" is up in Arms (Info and links)

*Radio Liberty: Behind Enemy Lines!*
Great information sources, but this article does not let the reader know they can access these programs via podcasts, so they (you) can listen at their (your) convenience and not be tied to a specific time. Here are some links. Happy listening in the USA and worldwide!:
I download the shows to a thumbdrive to get what I may have missed. Guntalk and AAR are weekend only programs while L&L and NRA News are daily programs. My current rotation priority is "Lock and Load/NRA News/Armed American and Guntalk": (S9)
Welcome to the gun shows - radio shows, that is.
On programs such as “Gun Talk,” “Cam & Co.,” “Talking Guns” and “Armed American Radio,” the rights of gun owners lead every single day — not just when media figures, politicians or a recent tragedy have pushed the Second Amendment back into the national conversation...“Gun owners see that bias in the media,” said Mark Walters, the host of the nationally-syndicated “Armed American Radio” show. “They see it every day, in every mainstream television outlet and news channel, in every newspaper, on all the mainstream websites, on all the cable news outlets. And what the media does is push an anti-gun political bias and really toe the line for the gun-control crowd. As a result, they exploit and harp on and jump all over tragedy when it happens. And unfortunately they don’t cover it, they use it as an opportunity to push a gun-control agenda.”...“The coverage of gun control and gun issues is really the last vestige of group-approved bigotry,” said Gresham, who broadcasts his weekly show that he describes as “‘Car Talk’ about guns, with politics thrown in,” out of Covington, Louisiana. “It’s the one place where you can make fun of an identifiable group of people, you can do caricatures of them as being stupid.”...“If you don’t like guns and you don’t believe in the right to keep and bear arms or the right to carry a firearm, my show will be the most unfair, unbalanced, most biased program you’ve ever heard,” (said) Walters...

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