Monday, October 28, 2013

Bandits "with two guns that appeared to have been AK47s" Arrested (Australia)

*Aussie Gun-Haters are illogical*
Wait, what?. Guns are banned in Australia, so where did these alleged "AK-47's" come from?. Oh, yes, forgot that criminals will always obtain guns, even when the good guys have been disarmed into helpless victims...Oh, that's right, these Bandits have done no less than 13 armed robberies with total impunity since no one armed was there to stop them, but the cretins who disarmed Australia said the ban would solve this problem. Guess what: they LIED and will continue to do so to keep the sheeple under their spell, no matter what. They are friends of the violent criminals, not the law-abiding, who they turned into criminals at the stroke of a pen. Cowardly tyrants, just like the cowardly armed Bandits pushing around people at the point of a gun, they have a lot in common... (S9)
A 17-year-old boy is among three alleged thieves arrested over an armed hold-up at a Brisbane hotel where staff and patrons were held at gunpoint...Police allege the group has also been responsible for a string of other violent robberies across Brisbane over the past five months.
On Wednesday, the trio allegedly stormed The Rocklea Hotel on Ipswich Road armed with two guns that appeared to have been AK47s about 10pm.  Staff and three patrons were held hostage in the bistro, while the men cleared about $30,000 from the hotel’s registers and safe...
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