Monday, May 2, 2011

Angola seizes U.S. ship over ammunition bound for Kenya

A ship carrying military weapons belonging to Kenya is still being held in Angola...A statement from the US State Department did not, however, give details on why the Angolan Government was still holding the ship, Maersk Constellation, even after it had furnished them with details of its cargo...The US expressed concerns over the delay, saying it could affect perishable items for humanitarian programmes in Mozambique, Malawi and Rwanda. The ship is carrying about 15 million kilos of maize, soy and beans...Mr Kevin Speers of Maersk Line Ltd attributed the delay to the four containers of ammunition...Defence minister Yusuf Haji said the arms belonged to Kenya and the government did not disclose the cargo deliberately while it was still in the high seas...Angolan officials shared their concerns regarding perceived discrepancies in the ship's documentation of four containers of ammunition and stated that they intend to resolve the matter through an administrative procedure against Maersk Line Limited," the firm said in a statement. It added that Angola was awaiting more documents from Kenya...
----Full story at All-Africa----
The anti-gun influence of the U.N. and it's related leeches, the "NGO's", produce this kind of foolishness in Africa, where four stinkin' boxes of ammunition get socialist Angola (in the midst of disarming it's citizens after their civil war, AK-47's were OK then) in an uproar, despite them knowing full well this is legitimate ammo being shipped to a neighboring government. Knowing these parts as I do, I'd bet good money that someone in Angolan customs didn't get a payoff and this flap is the result. Little men in big boy pants pushing their weight around, combined with a US State Dept. headed by an anti-gun busybody (the same one who blocked import of US rifles from Korea) is now caught with their rhetoric and ideologies down around their ankles with this international incident. Please note that this story has been "spiked" in the U.S. press, not one word to possibly embarrass  U.S. officials. As usual the losers will be the African "little-guy", as it has been for centuries there...(S9)

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