Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Here's the Firearm used in the "5.56mm Justice to Osama" Op

A 416 in shorty configuration
Two military gear blogs, citing multiple insider sources, credit the highly reliable HK416 rifle, an M-16 type weapon, with the "double tap" of 5.56 mm bullets to bin Laden's head...citing multiple insider sources, credit the...HK416 rifle...with the "double tap" of 5.56 mm bullets to bin Laden's head...HK, which didn't have any immediate comment, describes the gun on its website as the perfect SEAL weapon: it shoots an effective 5.56 mm round, has a gas system that doesn't foul the weapon like some other rifles, can shoot 20,000 rounds with "minimal degradation of accuracy"...
----Full reports at Military Times and US News----
What makes this particular Orbendorfer so "Boss" is the piston driven system (a high speed update influenced by the M-1 Garand, Tokarev, & AK-47 systems) as opposed to the direct gas style of the AR-15 style setup, as it reduced powder fouling to near zero, plus it is extremely sturdy compared to piston retro-fits found on most AR-15's. I have heard that many tactical training schools have seen the AR piston Rifles currently on the market break or otherwise go out of action during training scenarios...On a related note, Sec.Gates finally got off his ass and told the presidents publicity punks and their butt-buddies in the running-dog media to STFU about our covert-ops capabilities!...Better late than never I suppose...(S9)

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