Sunday, May 8, 2011

L.A. Pols Spew Anti-Semiauto Propaganda, use LAPD & Media in publicity stunt (again)

The Cops Want your Guns: The LAPD is collecting guns in exchange for gift certificates. Most firearms are worth 100-dollars worth of groceries at Ralphs or 100-dollars credit on a prepaid Visa card, but those who surrender rifles classified as assault weapons are eligible for gift certificates worth 200-bucks.   All guns to be turned in should be unloaded and carried in the trunks of cars...stolen weapons turned in will be returned to their rightful owners, if possible, and the rest will be melted down. Last year, the L-A-P-D collected more than 25-hundred guns through its buyback program... 
----Info from Radios Station KFI Los Angeles---- 
First off, how can you "buy back" something you did not own in the first place?. Propaganda exercise that has been worn out but still used by the anti-gun fools infesting California politics, especially in anti-gun Los Angeles and San Francisco, where these publicity stunts, actually media mind-control exercises on the public, continue to burn taxpayer ca$h when these counties are crying poor and laying off Cops?: Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. I listened to KFI's audio news reports on this stunt and almost blew chunks at how blatant the propaganda clip they used is. An "official" (Spokesmouth LAPD Lt. Teague) carped on the so-called "assault weapons" issue (see above regarding the extra bounty for guns they can use for photo ops & propaganda: That is no accident, Kids!) saying how they "need" to get these guns "off the street" (well, they were not "on the street, but in people's homes. More Orwellian 'Newspeak" for the uncritical thinking masses there!) and even invoked the infamous L.A. North Hollywood shootout as a scare tactic to boot, saying that semi-autos were equivalent to machineguns  (!!??).  Let me just get Medieval here and tell it like it is: You little sissy lying punkass mutharfukkers'!: You know damn well those guns used by the terrorist bankrobbers in North Hollywood were illegally converted full-automatic machineguns, nothing near the semi-auto firearms you wanted turned in to further your propaganda! Screw you and the horse you rode in on!.  People: never forget these California Klowns want to bring their gun-confiscation schemes to your doorsteps, so fight them back at every opportunity, clean the minds around you & never surrender your rights! - (S9)

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