Monday, September 23, 2013

FBI: More people killed with hammers, clubs, fists than with rifles, shotguns...

A re-post that is timely considering the lies about the AR-15 rifle NOT used in the navy yard murders, and the ignored Kenya attacks (Who is calling for banning REAL AK-47's and even the hand grenades they used?) or the China knife massacre being suppressed/'spiked' by the 'lame-stream' media???...(S9)
According to FBI crime statistics, more people were killed with hammers, knives, clubs and fists than with rifles between 2005 and 2011...
"The bottom line," that a ban on "assault" rifles "is as illogical as it is unconstitutional. We face far greater danger from individuals armed with carpenters' tools and a caveman's stick."...
Full story is HERE:

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