Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Media Bias: AR-15 NOT used in Navy Yard murders (To promote the gun ban agenda, they LIE yet again)

Haters gonna' Hate: The naked bias of the media showed no restraint whatsoever, in the rush to dance in the blood of the dead and vilify the AR-15 rifle to promote the gun ban agenda of the regime, their running dog political backers (think California politicians and Bloomberg hate machine) and useful brainwashed idiots (Think the phony emotionalist "Million Mom" morons) who mindlessly follow them. Why are we not surprised?. Disgraceful and disgusting...(S9)

Aaron Alexis did not use an AR-15 assault rifle in his Navy Yard killing spree Monday, authorities said Tuesday...A salesman at a suburban Virginia gun shop told the Post that Alexis...bought a Remington 870 12-gauge shotgun, and went through the required waiting period and background check...“He bought a very basic gun,” the salesman at Sharpshooters Small Arms Range in Lorton, Va. said. “It holds six rounds. It’s the cheapest on the rack.”...
Full article at the New York Post

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