Thursday, September 12, 2013

Video: California Tyranny on Parade - Lies and Dammed Lies

Tyrants do not deal in reason, logic and facts; just emotionalism, propaganda, and bullying naked force. Watch the facial expressions and contempt the opposition show to the pro-firearms speakers. On that note, I personally could have ripped the oppositions arguments to shreds without notes, speaking totally off the cuff. Not once did I see anyone argue the facts of what the issue was, the function of the action and feeding device (!!!).  The pro-firearms speakers arguments and debating skills were pitifully inadequate. They do not counter the lies and misdirection of the opponents fabrications and outright lies(!). They are "fighting" but far from seriously and hard enough IMO. The end result was predictable...(S9)
 California Anti-Gun debate clip

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