Monday, June 6, 2011

"Assault Weapons Ban" & Bloomberg Propaganda Rejected By City Council

"I would have preferred that he would have been there," said Nurse, who had asked the council to urge Foster to sign onto the Mayors Against Illegal Guns initiative, founded by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.  After a spirited debate, the council ultimately rejected Nurse's request, along with another gun-related proposal from Steve Kornell, who wanted the council to advocate state and federal governments to renew the ban on assault weapons...Police Chief Chuck Harmon...
added that he supports a ban on assault weapons, and also that he met with representatives from Bloomberg's group when they visited in April. Council member Bill Dudley — who along with Herb Polson, Jeff Danner and Leslie Curran voted against both measures — said it's not the council's job to tell the mayor what to do. Foster, for his part, said in an interview Wednesday night that he's "all for legal possession of guns under the Second Amendment" — he owns several himself...As far as a ban on assault weapons, Foster said people should have a right to own them....
---Full & biased story, as you can see from the clips above, at St Petersburg Times---
Remember: the mythical so-called "assault weapon" is the gun-banners "N-Word" describing common firearms that are semi-automatics, with the intent to fool an ignorant public into thinking they are "machine guns", Foster, it's not a matter of "should", we "do" have the right to own semi-automatics. That quote was pure misdirection by the newsroon. "PoliceChief" Harmon is a disgrace to his badge and should turn it in for supporting such unconstitutional measures!. The poisonous influence of Fat-Cat "I know what's best for you little people" Bloomberg and his mind-control minions, have lost the national debate and seek to institute gun bans on the local level, including in Gun-friendly Florida. Yankees messin' in the southern states again, but Bloomberg knows there are plenty of anti-gun ex-New Yorkers in FL and seeks to take advantage, causing enough chaos to maybe get some form of gun ban through. Fortunately, they did not prevail here with more "under the radar", since this is not a national story, anti-gun measures...Down with Bloomberg, Soros, and all the other rich Fat-Cats that seek to ban firearms, food products, etc "for our own good"....(S9)  

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