Monday, June 6, 2011

Pakistan allows journalists to carry firearms for self-defense

Pakistani journalists have been allowed by the Interior Ministry to carry firearms for self-defense following the killing of a reporter, Syed Saleem Shahzad...Pakistan's main spy agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate (ISI), may have been implicated in Shahzad's death...Shahzad had reported on al Qaeda and various other Islamist militant networks operating in Pakistan and is said to have warned human rights activists before he vanished that he had been threatened by the ISI....
----Full story at  RIA Novosti---
This story has been spiked in the USA (I know you haven't heard about it unless you are a diehard news junkie, you probably haven't heard about the French hostage Al Qaeda just murdered either)and the reasons are obvious considering the US anti-gun media establishment cannot handle the concept of armed reporters, because they live the utopian lie that they are a) Unbiased, and b) Guns are always bad except when guns can get them fame and/or ratings. With very rare exception, most are left-leaning cowards and blowhards. It's ironic that a country with little concept of US style-freedom, like Paki-land', shows more common sense than where bearing arms is a constitutional right!(See previous story for example)...Let's face it, a reporter has nothing to lose and a lot to save (their life!) by being armed over there, because where life is cheap, death is plentiful....(S9)

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