Thursday, June 16, 2011

Nervous Iraqis buying more assault rifles, pistols

Saadoun al-Sahil already had an AK-47 assault rifle at home but just didn't feel safe. The furniture merchant was worried about violence in Baghdad and the impending U.S. withdrawal of troops. So he bought two pistols and some more ammunition.  Iraqis are facing a changing and uncertain future, and they're dealing with it by arming up. "These weapons are for the protection of myself and my family. I fear that things will get as worse as it was in 2005 and 2006. We cannot predict what will happen tomorrow or after tomorrow," said al-Sahil...Weapons are an everyday part of the Iraqi landscape. Nearly every home has at least one weapon, often an AK-47 assault rifle. At many buildings, residents and bodyguards can be seen checking their pistols with security before they're allowed to go inside. Political figures are protected by bodyguards often carrying a pistol and an assault rifle...
authorities...recently started a campaign to disarm Iraqi cities....But that's not stopping the stockpiling of guns and ammo...The AK-47 assault rifle is ubiquitous in Iraq and much of the world. The weapon was designed in the Soviet Union back in the 40s. But its durability, low cost and relative ease of use mean it has been mass produced and used by armed forces and insurgent groups around the world...he also sells Glock pistols that were distributed by the American military to the Iraqi army and police but later ended up on the black market...even though the weapons trade has gone underground, everyone knows where to make their purchases, al-Sahil said....
----Full report from AP is HERE----
First, I find it interesting that now the government there has decided to initiate "Gun Control" and have to wonder whose influence is behind it. The usual suspects I bet we find out in the future. I have to make my standard disclaimer here and remind readers that the "AK-47's" discussed here are NOT the same as the semi-automatic versions sold in some states in the USA, these are unmodified, selective-fire full automatic capable "machine-guns". Anti-Gun propagandists make a point of confusing the two in the gullible public's mind, don't fall for it. Now, is anyone surprised at these developments in Iraq?. Muslim factionalism & rampant criminality (The "Ali-Baba's") remain, despite all the American & British troops who died fighting (and still are in recent ambushes) to help these people advance. Not to be harsh, but in my very very humble opinion, most of these people are not fit to shine the boots of those dead heroes. Frankly, the only people who didn't see it coming are the unappreciative agenda driven politicians that never have to hump the weapon, the  ruck, and face enemy fire. They disgust me..(S9)

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