Monday, June 13, 2011

Liars & Dammed Liars: Al Qaeda instructs terrorists to purchase firearms at U.S. gun shows

In a video released [June 3rd] Al Qaeda spokesman Adam Gadahn encourages terrorists to use American gun shows to arm themselves for potential Mumbai-style attacks.  Gadahn's video laid out a new tactic for Al Qaeda to continue their murderous terrorist agenda: "America is absolutely awash with easily obtainable firearms. You can go down to a gun show at the local convention center and come away with a fully automatic assault rifle, without a background check, and most likely without having to show an identification card. So what are you waiting for?"...
---Outrageous anti-gun LIES in this blog entry found here----
It's bad enough that the traitorous cowardly little weasel Adam Gadahn turned coat and runs his mouth as the modern "Lord Haw-Haw" propagandist for Al Queda Terrorist scum, but now we have a coward hiding behind a single name of "Hunter" flappin' his gums about people going to Gun Shows and walking out with fully-automatic machine guns without a background check, plus whining about people on the "Terrorist Watch List" being able to buy firearms. Both of these snotty little purveyors of propaganda are DAMMED LIARS and furthermore KNOW they are liars. Neither cares that they are knowingly perpetrating falsehoods on the US public, because they both are appealing to the most firearms-ignorant section of the population and are banking on these "useful-idiots" to push their mind-control/citizen disarmament/pro-terrorist agendas. They stink. First off, as long as one is following the law, no firearms are "easily obtainable" in the USA. If you choose to break the law to obtain firearms, making you a defacto criminal, then things might be a bit easier, but you won't find those people at gun shows!. The last thing dealers want to do is lose their license!. So, WTF is this phony claim all about?. Next: A so-called "Fully Automatic Assault Rifle" is what, under Federal Law, is known as a "machine-gun". Machine-guns are tightly controlled in the USA, requiring extensive background checks and special permits to obtain. In fact, there can be no "new" legal machine guns manufactured in the USA, a travesty that anti-gun politicians pushed into law, and means that the number of legal machine-guns has long ago been "frozen", what is out there is all there ever will be. Even many Police department cannot obtain machine guns, so what makes these windbag traitors Gadahn & "Hunter" think and claim "anyone" can just twinkle-toe into a gun show, slap down some frogskins, and Fred Astaire on out the door with an armload of AK's & AR machineguns?...It's such an outrageously absurd assertion, much less a blatant stinkin' LIE, it leaves one apoplectic these clowns even claim this as a fact in public!...Finally, regarding the "Terrorist Wqtch List" issue, which is simply a favorite anti-gunners phony argument, another appeal to ignorance. Simply being on a 'watch list' does not mean you have committed any crime, it is merely a tool to stop and interview someone who MAY (or may not) be a person of interest in an investigation. Those in the know have heard how riddled with errors this list is, as is to be expected with any such system. Being on a list does not automatically make you lose your constitutional rights, and I mean ALL of them, not just 2nd Amendment rights. Consider it you were stopped under the watch list and were not the right person, would you not want to be able to get a lawyer to defend you if necessary?. No different that you being banned from firearms for merely being on the list: You don't lose your rights PRIOR to being convicted of a felony crime, and if you are a terrorist on the list and are caught, you will be dealt with (which is why the proposal was voted down!). These anti-gun lying fools want to make you think the list is "infallible", but what they are really after is another way to find a selected population to disarm under the color of authority, just like Blacks were disarmed after the Civil-War under the original bogus "gun-control laws", leaving them as victims and easy meat for any group of scum that wanted to rape the good looking wife of some black couple and found it convenient to get the husband out of the way by claiming he "recklessly eyeballed" a white women, hang him from the nearest tree before invading his home and having a gang-rape against the unarmed and defenseless. Both Terrorist Coward Gadahn, and snarky "Mr. Know it all" & "Jr. Goebbels" "Hunter", are down in that same sewer as such cowardly low trash Klan baby-killers. I've said it before and am saying it again: Anyone who seeks to deprive you of the ability to defend yourself is NOT your friend! . Both these evil clowns not only seek to murder innocent Americans, they revel in the fact and find it amusing to boot. Both seek to use the gullible to further their malicious aims and have demonstrated that they are not above using lies and deception in the process. Both are excerment stains on American society and deserve to be treated as such: wiped clean from American society and flushed down the metaphorical toilet!....(S9)

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