Friday, June 17, 2011

Notes On the ATF/Mexi-Gun Scandal: (Slight Return)

Those that follow this blog are aware that I have been in the lead on this story from the beginning, posting reports and info that had/has been "buried" by the "lamestream media" for months. Now we see the "90/70% Lie/Gunrunner & Fast and Furious" getting slightly more traction, with Fox News taking the lead mainstream and NRA News doing in depth web/radio coverage, including clips of the Congressional hearings and interviews with the investigators, excellent work, so I suggest you take advantage of it to be ahead of the curve. You can backtrack the archives here and see the progression, politicians foreign & domestic, blaming US gunowners and dealers for the Mexican mayhem. Now we see the tip of the iceberg, a cold-blooded conspiracy theory of Machiavellian proportions(?). The irony of grandstanding malicious gun-hating Fat Cats Feinstien & Chuckie "The Weiner Lover" Schumer) holding a press conference to spew accumulated propaganda lies and slander to promote US gun bans, while on the same day, Congress holds hearings exposing the ATF scandal, proving that the same guns in question were indeed being illegally allowed across the border, with the approval of ATF Management over the protest of field agents, who were told to shut up or be harassed to removal. The contrast is appalling, the vindictiveness of government supervisors, petty tyrants in their own right, retaliating against their employees: predictable. So, the question is, how far up the chain will this go before someone either decides "I'm not going to jail for you" and spills the beans, or how far up will it go before someone takes the rap and "falls on his sword" to protect someone higher up (which the anti-gun media will pounce on to protect their own anti-gun positions). 
What I say is:
You don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to connect the dots. Try these on for size. I posted the story about Obama telling mendacious gun-grabber Brady he was "working under the radar" on gun confiscation, then we find out ATF is allowing "evil assault rifles" to cross the border into the hands of scum who anyone with common sense knows will be used, not for sport shooting, but to murder people; and we have the President of Mexico playing to the peanut gallery, blaming the "Gringos" for his incompetence, and like his corrupt ilk in the US, claims a reinstatement of the phony so-called "assault weapons ban" will "miraculously" solve all their problems; while spiked news stories prove the majority of cartel firearms (including grenades and other weapons not legally available "over the counter" in the US) are actually filtering up from Central America. Let us not forget the ATF action to ban tactical shotguns, an ongoing attack; and finally, the story told by Professor John Lott about how he was blatantly snubbed by Obama as "The Gun Guy" when both were in teaching positions back in the day. To paraphrase the late actor Aldo Rey of Oakland California as Sergeant Muldoon: It doesn't take a lead weight to fall on me or a hit from one of these weapons to see what is at stake here...
How high up did the order to initiate an action/propaganda campaign against American gun-owners go, an offensive built on literally thousands of dead bodies to achieve?. Who gave the orders to sidestep the Constitution and take such ruthless measures "under the radar" to put this mad dream of disarmament into reality?...Is this like the fable of the Scorpion and the Frog crossing the river?: It's in his nature, even if they both die?...You decide: paranoid conspiracy theory or dots that connect? (Cue musical theme from "The X-Files" here)...(S9)

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