Saturday, November 5, 2011

Firearms advocates dislike registration of long guns, ban on open-carry

California gun advocates are taking aim at a series of new laws that require rifle and shotgun registration while making it illegal to openly carry unloaded handguns in public.
"There will be lawsuits, that's for sure," said Sam Paredes, executive director of Gun Owners of California, a nonprofit gun rights lobby.
Gov. Jerry Brown cleared a multitude of legislation from his desk over the weekend, including five bills impacting gun ownership.
Four of the five bills were authored by Southern California legislators, and the fifth was penned by a San Francisco lawmaker.
"I just don't think it's going to benefit (California gun owners) in any way whatsoever," said Daniel Vaca, an employee at Kittles Outdoor and Sport Co. in Colusa.
Vaca, who has worked at Kittles for five years, said he fears the new laws will severely hamper rifle and shotgun sales throughout the state.
"In all reality, it's just crazy to register long guns," Vaca said. "I think if you have to register your gun in California, then people will just stop buying them here all together."
Many otherwise law-abiding citizens may be tempted to simply purchase their weapons out of state, Vaca speculated...
However, the governor faces heavy criticism and possibly lawsuits over his implementation of the open-carry ban and long-gun registration, which Paredes called "a form of tyranny."
"The signing of (the concealed weapons law) and the veto of AB 427 was like a gentle kiss on our cheek while he was punching us in the stomach with the others," Paredes said. "It is a full assault on the Second Amendment by a governor who used to have a good record on guns, but he destroyed that over the weekend."
Some industry experts noted that while the governor has signed the new laws, the state Attorney general decides exactly how vigorously they will be enforced....
Full article @ Colusa Sun Herald
More tyranny against the already long suffering law-abiding firearms owners of California by two-faced forked-tonged politicians and the meddling, cowardly do-gooding fools that know what's best for you no matter if you like it or not, victim. Tell me what sense it makes to obtain a CCW if you are hiking in the mountains, or why impossible to conceal long rifles must now be treated like concealable handguns?. No, this is merely more of the same draconian infringements that can be gotten away with against the law-abiding because this state has no RKBA in their state constitution. Understand that the anti-self defense gun haters, who futilely seek to reverse firearms technology: a genie impossible to stuff back in the bottle, will never stop until you can own nothing, and they will then even ban rocks and bottles after that...Unless you stand up for your rights beforehand. Whatcha' gonna' do when they come for you?...(S9)

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