Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sales Of Rifles To Fort Smith Officers Stopped by Feds

Authorities in Fort Smith have stopped the sale to police officers of semi-automatic rifles that were bought with asset forfeiture money...City directors agreed in July to use the funds to buy 115 AR-15 rifles with the city to keep 15 and offer the remaining 100 to officers at a cost of $917.70...federal authorities told them ...that the money can't be used to help officers buy weapons. Assistant U.S. Attorney Debbie Groom said the matter is under review...
Full article at 4029 TV
The Fed's reasoning is that asset forfeiture funds can lead to police corruption. For example, some departments were making questionable stops in order to confiscate automobiles, or suspect drug arrests in order to confiscate cash from pushers. Departments below the Mason-Dixon line have a reputation for things of this nature, warranted or not...(S9)
(From LA on the Laptop)

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