Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Honduras: 300 police rifles "disappear" as drug running soars

Brazilian soldier with scoped full sized FAL
Honduran police officials gave contradictory responses on Nov. 1 to a report published the day before about the disappearance of some 300 light automatic rifles (FAL, from the initials in Spanish) and 300,000 5.56-caliber bullets from a police unit. The weapons, which were in the control of the Cobras special operations police group, were taken from a Tegucigalpa warehouse in August or September...National Police spokesperson Silvio Inestroza insisted that this was an old case, referring to the similar disappearance of 186 weapons in 2007, also from a Cobras unit. But Police Internal Affairs director SimeĆ³n Flores said that a new arms theft had been reported two months earlier, and he asked why it hadn't been investigated...
Full story at WW4 Report
Another example smashing the Administration and renegade Democrat lies about US civilian firearms being the main cause of Cartels obtaining guns to arm their murderous thugs. These FN-FAL's are apparently chambered for 5.56mm ammunition (not "bullets"). It is unclear if these are Belgium made or contracted weapons. (S9)
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