Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Police display Abu Omar network firearms

No.5 SMLE "Jungle Carbine(1956-Malaya)
The National Police displayed on Tuesday evidence confiscated from members of the Abu Omar network, a notorious illegal weapons supplier from the Philippines.  “The suspects are part of the Abu Omar network,” National Police spokesman Saud Usman Nasution said at the National Police headquarters...The evidence, including two M16s, a “Jungle” carbine, one FN, 796 bullets and six magazines, were confiscated during the Detachment 88 raids in Tangerang, East Jakarta and Bekasi ...
Full story at Jakarta Post
Interesting that they described "magazines" with the correct nomenclature (not the usual incorrect "clips"), while describing the ammunition incorrectly as "bullets" rather than "cartridges". Americans often forget how oppressive Police States like Indonesia (the former "Dutch East Indies") are when it comes to firearms. In fact, many Americans lawfully own many more firearms & ammunition than this confiscated amount. The WW2 era "Jungle Carbine" is more of a collectors item, being a modified British SMLE bolt action rifle in the powerful but now obsolete .303 chambering (i.e. ammo is dwindling, although the full sized SMLE is not uncommon in south asia  with police & militia formations) - (S9)

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