Saturday, November 5, 2011

"Homemade Firearms" proliferate (Africa)

In Cameroon, the growing spread of homemade firearms is causing concern amongst the population. Alarmed by the rise of domestic accidents and roadside robberies, the authorities are looking for ways to curb the possession of these illegal and dangerous toys..."The firearm Giulien Tchouangang used is a homemade 5.5mm calibre rifle which was modified into a 12 mm calibre that is used for hunting," says Sergeant Wassaing Albert, who heads the Bangou gendarmerie...Tchawako Jean does not have a licence to carry firearms and says he inherited the gun from his father, as is customary in Cameroon. "Our firearms are handed over from father to son. These weapons are used for hunting and to parade during traditional ceremonies."...homemade weapons are illegal. "First, you need authorisation from the prefecture to purchase a gun, then a licence to carry it," he explains. Since the law on the possession of firearms is very strict, roadside robbers are increasingly using homemade firearms. Attempts to the control the spread of these deadly toys have met with opposition from traditional chiefs, who perceive such measures as an attempt to undermine their power...
Biased "analysis" from AllAfrica
So, this "author", fond of using loaded terms such as "toys" in reference to firearms, claims the laws are "strict", yet seems astonished that people will not be stopped by these laws and will...*gasp*... build "homemade" firearms. This is what results when you keep people ignorant and curious about arms rather than teaching respect for the capabilities of firearms. Again, the technological genie is out of the bottle, never to be returned, despite the pipe dreams and totalitarian efforts of the firearms prohibitionists...(S9)

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