Friday, March 4, 2011

130 M-16's, Machineguns, etc; Stolen from Army Arsenal/Spain Gun Raid

A large number of weapons including 130 M16 assault rifles have been missing from an army depot of Thanarat Camp at the army's Infantry Center in Pran Buri District of southern Prachuap Khiri Khan province. According to Pran Buri police, some 130 M16s, 10 rocket propelled grenade (RPG) launchers, 5 M79 grenade launchers, 10 m- 11 pistols, 4 M60 machineguns, 4 M249 mini-light machineguns and a 60-mm mortar were reported missing from the arsenal. First Infantry Battalion commander Lt-Col Manorot Suthisamdaeng found the weapons were missing after conducting a check on the arsenal...
---Full Report at Communist People's Daily---
Outrageous. Another example of how firearms end up diverted into questionable hands. My take on this is that someone was paid off to divert these weapons most likely to the Shan "Dope" Army, originally lost KMT  ('Quo Minh Tang" Anti-Communist) fighters, abandoned after WW2 (1945),  formed a drug Cartel/Militia notoriously known for using child soldiers, but that's just my own theory. Those M-16 versions of the AR-15 are Vietnam era stock the USA provided SEATO allies, of which the Thais are part. Let's call this movie "Indochina: The madness continues"...(S9)
Also, another example:
Rifles, handguns snatched in Spain armoury raid
MADRID: Thieves snatched a haul of handguns and rifles in a brazen raid on a Spanish army base yesterday, officials said....
---Full story at The Peninsula---
Spain once had a thriving commercial arms business, but since long established firms like ASTRA went out of business, and the fascist/socialist elements have emerged in the wake of waning ETA terrorist attacks supplanted by cowardly responses to Islamic terrorist attacks; an anti-gun culture has been imposed upon law-abiding Spaniards, inhibiting them from self-defense. One can only speculate how this highly organized caper factors into the overall situation, but it is certain that when you close off all legal avenues, this is what you end up with...(S9)

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