Sunday, March 27, 2011

New Anti-Gun laws passed in Poland

Legacy semi-autos from Red domination
An amended law on firearms and explosives has come into force in Poland...change introduced are more stringent requirements for obtaining a licence to carry firearms...a more precise definition of the so-called register of positive prerequisites, whereby law enforcement bodies cannot decide arbitrarily on factors for granting firearm permits. Now, the police is(sic)obliged to grant a licence if the applicant satisfies all mandatory requirements...Additionally, when filing for a permit the candidates must state the purpose of their application and the exact type and number of weapons they intend to use...
---Full story at  DLA Zagranicy---
More cracking down on legal gun-owners in Europe, but the "good" news is, as in the USA, "may issue" has been converted into "shall issue" in most cases, which, ironically,  is better than what's in place in California, Illinois or New York for example, and the Polaques' don't even have the 2nd Amendment in effect, which tells you something about tyranny vs. liberty in the USA!..How this affects long guns/semi-autos there is not mentioned...(S9)

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