Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Officers to add rifles to arsenal, cite criminal use (Little Rock, Arkansas)

Photo by Benjamin Krain
Steve Cruse, owner of Cruse Uniform which supplies equipment to the Little Rock Police Department, shows an M-4 style .223-caliber carbine rifle that patrol officers will begin using.
Police are finalizing the steps to equip patrol officers with semi-automatic carbine rifles...Little Rock Chief of Police Stuart Thomas said that by April 4, department policies will allow officers to furnish the weapons that would ride along with them as they patrol their beats...the only Little Rock officers currently allowed to carry rifles are SWAT members, according to Little Rock police spokesman Lt. Terry Hastings ...
---Story at Arkansas Online---
So another agency upgrades their Officers to use AR pattern rifles. There is no info as to if they are semi-automatics or full-automatic machine-guns (i.e. "M-16"s) being chosen for this role...(S9)

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