Thursday, March 24, 2011

Turks seize Rifles smuggled by Iran to Syrians

Turkish authorities have seized rifles on a Syria-bound Iranian plane...and questioned its seven-man crew, police and judicial sources said Tuesday.
The cargo plane, a civilian Ilyushin, was ordered to land in Diyarbakir, in Turkey's mainly Kurdish southeast, on .. suspicion that it had military or illicit cargo on board.
The plane had declared a cargo of spare car parts, but the inspection resulted also in the discovery of a box containing automatic rifles..The crew was taken to a police station for questioning and argued that the weapons were on board as part of routine security measures, declining to give additional information...authorities confiscated the weapons and were expected to allow the plane to take off en route to Syria...The Iranian embassy in Ankara declined to comment...
---Full story @ AFP--- 
In the 1960'/70's it was fashionable and understood that "secret agents" fought a shadow war in defense of the country. In the wake of Vietnam (where US Democrats refused to fund help to South Vietnam, causing them to fall & sparking genocide there and in neighboring Cambodian "killing fields") laws were enacted by do-gooding fools, essentially neutering CIA operations. Well, other countries have not done the same, and the efficient structure of the Shah's SAVAK was taken over by the Islamic fanatic Mullah's in Iran, and have continued spy-craft worldwide, notably against US forces by supplying IED mines that have killed and maimed scores of US troops in the middle east but never mentioned by US news media despite the evidence. Iranian "James Bonds" continue to work, this rifle smuggling being a routine example, again ignored by western media for what it really is, too lazy or politically correct to connect the dots. Good men (the real "007's" & "Ruck Snuffies") continue to die due to "political correctness" (Die Kerryites!!) while our agents have to work with both hands tied behind their backs (and nobody cares except those "in the know")...(S9)

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