Sunday, March 27, 2011

Rifles stolen from sheriff's vehicles in Marin County

Another story on how guns can end up on the black market...

Authorities are investigating the theft of two semi-automatic rifles and ammunition from Marin County Sheriff's Office vehicles in Fairfax..Sheriff's Lt. Barry Heying says one or more people broke into a locked garage at a ranger station where the vehicles were kept, smashed the vehicles' windows and disabled two locks that held the weapons...Each is valued at $2,000. Sheriff's officials have not identified a suspect.
----Information from: Marin Independent Journal,
Criminals also conduct surveillance...Secure your weapons! You may need to use your pistols to defend against your long guns being taken. Anything less than an armory is not sufficient (and the bandits of the 1920's raided armories and Police stations for weapons)...Only fools think criminals will not find a way to obtain weapons, which is why the good guys need to be armed and maintain the balance of power to protect the people...(S9)

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