Thursday, September 13, 2012

"Assault Weapon" Lies continue: Mexican "activists" ignore homegrown tyranny, blame U.S. gun laws, advocate Semi-Auto Ban...

"aleader" Summed it up:
I'm disappointed that Marketplace chose to air the gun-ban lobby's dishonest portrayal of U.S. gun stores as sellers of machine guns to Mexican drug gangs. With the sound of machine guns providing the background context, your story implied that the so-called "assault weapons" routinely sold to American hunters, target shooters and collectors are machine guns and that they are being shipped en mass to Mexico. A little fact checking would have shown that the sale of machine guns to private citizens has been illegal in the U.S. since the 1930's, except under extremely strict federal licensing restrictions, and that real machine guns are prohibitively expensive-- tens of thousands of dollars-- for individuals. The semi-automatic guns sold in gun stores may look like real AK-47's or M-16's but their mechanical function is identical to that of sporting guns used by Americans for over 100 years. The notorious "Fast and Furious" scandal uncovered a plot by the U.S. Justice Department to implicate U.S. gun stores in the Mexican drug murders by coercing U.S. stores to allow the illegal sale of semi-automatic guns to Mexican smugglers. Actually, millionaire Mexican gang leaders have little difficulty obtaining real machine guns from corrupt foreign governments or from rogue elements in Mexico's police and military units.
Snake9 sez:
Got that s**t right, "aleader". It does not help that the writer here is in the bag biased to start with (See my earlier post: ). Furthermore, where does a group of leftist "activists" get off telling another country to change it's laws when the real problem are it's own governments laws regarding firearms?. This is a phony argument, the usual "Blame the Gringo's" for everything rather than stand up against their own government which are oppressing them. These people are terrified of addressing their own government because they might end up dead if they did so, let's be real and tell it like it is. Their government will not harass them as long as they follow the party line and blame the USA. This is on topic because of the lying "bait & switch" calling simple semi-automatics "assault weapons" (i.e. "machine-guns") simply because they look "tacti-cool". Do-Gooding fools like these are just as responsible for the dead bodies in Mexico on par with the depraved Cartel murderers who pull the triggers, because their misguided political agenda facilitates these killers by ignoring the realities and placing the blame where it is not warranted...But of course, most readers here already know that...(S9)
Mexican activists call for change in U.S. gun industry
...He says, many of the AK-47s used in Mexico are manufactured in Romania, then imported to the U.S. and smuggled across the border. The group is calling on President Obama to enforce an existing law prohibiting the import of foreign assault weapons. It’s a small step. But one the president has the power to make.
Lindsay-Poland: We’re urging the White House to take action because it’s so important to do something soon, even if it doesn’t solve all of the problems.
The group also wants the government to pony up extra funds for more oversight. As you might expect, gun dealers tend to see the issue differently. At this firing range in Las Vegas, gun enthusiasts shoot machine guns. The company, called The Gun Store, also sells machine guns. Owner Bob Irwin says gun dealers don’t need more regulations.
Bob Irwin: I have two people in my store -- full-time -- who do nothing but paperwork for the United States government. It’s an incredibly regulated industry.
He says restricting gun ownership for law-abiding citizens is un-American. That argument that doesn’t carry much weight with poet Javier Sicilia.
Sicilia: The spirit of the Second Amendment refers to defensive weapons. But the arms being sold are for exterminating people. I don’t think assault weapons are covered by the Second Amendment.
Members of the peace caravan bought an assault weapon at a gun show in Houston, which they then sawed in half...
Full media-biased one sided brainwash "crocodile tears" report that only the most gullible and stupid can take seriously can be seen HERE

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