Saturday, September 15, 2012

Firearms magazine ‘truly sorry’ for saying ‘pocket sized machine gun’ not for civilians

-H&K MP7A1-
Open mouth, insert foot. According to a friend in the know, the problem started with Heckler & Koch's publicity machine, whose copy was echoed by Tsai. Never forget that H&K are a German company that makes profit in the USA due to our 2nd Amendment, something they do not have in Germany, a country that has historically had problems with the concept of liberty. H&K care more about profits than politics in the USA, and this little dust up seems to prove it...(S9)
Firearms magazine ‘truly sorry’ for saying ‘pocket sized machine gun’ not for civilians

The editor of a firearms magazine is backing down after saying that civilians should not be allowed to purchase the MP7A1 — a concealable submachine gun that was specifically designed to penetrate body armor — because the weapon had no “sporting applications.”
“[T]he MP71A [sic] is unavailable to civilians and for good measure,” Editor Jerry Tsai wrote in the latest issue of Recoil magazine. “We all know that’s technology no civvies should ever get to lay their hands on. This is a purpose-built weapon with no sporting applications to speak of.”
Heckler & Koch began manufacturing the MP7 series of personal defense weapons in 2001 after high-quality body armor rendered earlier submachine guns ineffective. Gunslot describes the MP7A1 as a “scaled down assault rifle”... But many gun enthusiasts took Tsai’s remarks as an attack on the Second Amendment and mounted a social media campaign to pressure advertisers to stop doing businesses with the magazine...Other manufacturers like Silencerco, Magpul, Haley Strategic Partners, Imminent Tactical Solutions, Panteao Productions and Surefire also pledged not to advertise in Recoil...“We were furious when we read Jerry’s statements”...
 Full report and video is at Raw Story

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