Friday, September 14, 2012

Corruption fuels criminal gun possession, Citizens continue to be disarmed for self-defense, Politicians befuddled (South Africa)

-SA Cop with 9mm pistol & R4 Rifle @ crime scene-
The "Kinder & Gentler" communistic South African government which instigated "Gun Control" are now expressing concern that criminals are able to obtain firearms, especially from their own police/security organs (shades of Mexico), which proves what pro-gun people have been saying for years but have been vilified for. "Duh"?...When gun laws were previously "pro-freedom", the crime rate was much lower and the regular citizen could defend themselves. Now, the opposite reigns.  We keep proving this and they keep denying it, meanwhile, the dead bodies of victims keep piling up. They refuse to see reality due to flawed ideology, so...Why are we not surprised?...(S9)
(On topic: Many of these are semi/full automatics)...
Soldiers with access to weapons are being used by crime syndicates to help steal them, a security expert says. In the past three years, 50 firearms – including a machine gun, a grenade launcher and 38 automatic assault rifles – have been lost or stolen from the Defence Force, Minister of Defence and Military Veterans Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula has confirmed... MP Pieter Groenewald, who said the loss of R5 assault rifles was particularly worrying as these were used in cash-in-transit heists. In April and May this year alone, nine automatic assault rifles were stolen or lost, including three R4s and six R5s.
“It is precisely this type of weapon which is used in [cash-in-transit] heists but is now also being used in robberies at shopping malls and even in farm attacks,” he said... “That means that there is poor management and poor discipline in the control of firearms in the SA National Defence Force. The only thing that is new is that the weapons have been barcoded with dot-peen machines to show that the firearms belong to the defence force,” he said...Seven firearms, including three 9mm pistols, three R4s and one R5 were lost or stolen from the defence force in 2009/10, while 2010/11 saw a spike in lost or stolen firearms, totalling 20 in that year...

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