Friday, September 7, 2012

(Video) "Assault Weapons" Myths Exposed (Semi-Auto vs. Machineguns) - On Jeff's Channel...

"Bigshooterist" does a public service countering the lies and stupidity put out by the unethical . Although I do not agree with Jeff  "buying in" to the terminology/nomenclature used by the anti-gun nuts, it is nonetheless useful for the firearms ignorant Drones that walk among us and buy into such Bull...His comment about "rectical-cranial " is spot on. I am sure Police Officer Leroy Pyle of  2AMPD would have comments on this issue, as he tried to do the same and was harassed by the anti-gun nuts (including his unethical Boss)  for it (See sidebar videos on this page)...(S9)

Bigshooterist said: "While I believe the term “Assault” is an action, and NOT a description of an inanimate object, this video deals with the hard definition of the term “Assault Weapon” (ie a select fire weapon…) in an attempt to unmask those who wish to demonize semiautomatic firearms by purposely misleading others into believing they are talking about machine guns. Well, we know their lies and expose their playbook here"...
See it HERE

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