Sunday, September 9, 2012

Media Bias:"Gun Sales Surge: An Obama Bounce?"

-Executive orders-
Totally media biased article, perpetuates the "Obama has not moved against guns" lie, talking points pushed by the media-mind controllers in this pre-election phase (of course, the FACTS do not bear this out). Since this is NBC, keep your BS detectors on and read between the lines, Kids, because the deceptive language flys at you "fast & furious" (You see what I did there, right?-LOL). This is on topic because the majority of these firearms are semi-autos...(S9)
What’s driving the demand that has gun makers cranking up production?
Speculation has focused on fears of a coming regulatory crackdown on gun ownership. Liberal administrations tend to be anti-gun and so, the thinking goes, an Obama re-election would set the stage for stricter gun purchasing requirements. Hence, people are buying now in anticipation of difficulty later.
Total NCIS Background Checks
Indeed, looking at background checks for gun sales (a metric commonly used to gauge general industry performance) 2009 showed a measureable increase that many attributed to Obama’s election.
Is it the same this year? Some anecdotal evidence tends to bear that out.
“I should put Obama’s picture on the wall up there,” said one New Jersey gun salesman, asking not to be identified. “I’d name him salesman of the month!”..."The biggest new group of buyers now are senior citizens," Larry Hyatt, owner of a North Carolina gun shop, said on CNBC's "Closing Bell." "Ten thousand Baby Boomers a day are turning 65; they can't run, they can't fight, they got to shoot."...
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