Thursday, September 6, 2012

Feinstein says she'll reintroduce assault weapon legislation (Semi-Auto Ban)

-Finger off the trigger!!-
Same old lies and bait & switch on the public about mythical "assault weapons" being "weapons of war" on our "streets", when NO military in the world issues semi-automatic firearms to their troops. Hello?. Literally millions of semi-auto firearms have NOT been misused in crime today, and every day. Such blatant lies proves these type of politicians have no moral compass and again drag out this fake solution to a non-existent "problem" to boost their careers with gullible firearms ignorant mindless voters. Haters are gonna' Hate, Liars are gonna' lie when it comes to firearms. They have no interest in facts and no interest in the rights of the people. I have said it many times and say it again: Anyone who impedes your right to self defense is not your friend, no matter how pretty their speeches sound. I will add that anyone who took an oath to uphold the constitution, yet are  willing to LIE and violate that oath is the lowest form of tyrant...(S9)

Senator Dianne Feinstein says she'll reintroduce assault weapon legislation

Dianne Feinstein announced Wednesday that she’s re-entering the battle over gun control during her keynote speech to the California delegates to the Democratic National Convention...

She promised California delegates she’d return to Congress to reintroduce “an updated assault weapons bill.” At the delegates' breakfast, she said that, "Weapons of war do not belong on our streets, in our classrooms, in our schools or in our movie theatres." Feinstein co-sponsored an assault weapons ban signed into law in 1994, which expired 10 years later...
Full Report By Kitty Felde is HERE
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